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      LED Solar High Mast Light

      Led solar high mast light is a form of lighting fixture intended for usage in sizable outdoor spaces including parking lots, athletic fields, and commercial buildings. It typically consists of a tall pole that is outfitted with a solar panel array and several LED light bulbs.

      LED Solar Street Light

      Led solar street light employs LED lights as the light source and solar panels to provide electricity. Rechargeable batteries are used to store the electrical energy produced by the solar panels during the day.

      Solar Semi Integrated Lights

      Solar semi integrated lights are an affordable and simple lighting solution because they are made to be put without any wiring or trenching. These are basically outdoor lighting fixtures that use solar panels to harvest power from the sun throughout the day and store it in batteries.

      Solar Integrated Street Lights

      Solar integrated street lights use solar panels for converting sunlight into energy and powering the lights at night. These lights are integrated with the pole, battery, LED lights, controller, and solar panel. Solar integrated street lights consume less energy.

      Solar Emergency Integrated Flood Light

      Solar emergency integrated flood light is a form of outdoor lighting system that uses solar energy to power its lights. In emergency conditions, such as those brought on by power outages, floods, and other natural catastrophes, it is intended to offer brilliant illumination.

      Solar UFO Garden Post Light

      Solar UFO Garden post light is an example of an outdoor lighting fixture that uses solar energy to illuminate your garden or outdoor area. It is an attractive aesthetic addition to your yard or garden because of its distinctive appearance, which is reminiscent of a UFO or flying saucer.

      Solar Wall Light

      Solar wall lights are a particular kind of outdoor lighting fixture that power their light source with solar energy. These are usually attached to a wall or fence and intended to give lighting in places like walkways, gardens, and outdoor living areas.

      Solar Controller

      Solar controller controls the quantity of electrical charge delivered from a solar panel to a battery or other load. It is a crucial part of a solar power system that aids in preventing the overcharging and discharging of batteries, which can harm the batteries and shorten their lifespan.

      Step Light

      Step lights often use light emitting diode, which are very effective, durable, and offer a variety of colour temperatures, as the light source. These are designed to be installed on stairways, walkways, or other locations where illumination is required for safety or aesthetic reasons.

      COB Garden Spike Light

      COB garden spike light is an outdoor lighting fixture made to be installed on a spike and buried in the ground to illuminate gardens, lawns, paths, and other outdoor spaces. It uses LED technology that enables a higher intensity of light output while using less energy.

      Bulk Head Light

      Bulk head light is outside light fixtures made to be mounted on walls, fences, or ceilings in order to illuminate outside spaces. To survive severe weather, it is often fashioned of sturdy materials like metal or polycarbonate.


      High Bay Light

      High bay lights are a type of lighting fixture that is frequently employed. These are used in large indoor facilities with high ceilings, including warehouses, factories, and gymnasiums. High bay lights are intended to produce strong and even illumination from a high point.